You probably know what 4/20 means, but what does 7/10 mean? Well, here at Cloud 407 Smoke Shop, we celebrate 7/10 because it is National Dab Day. Many people have transitioned from common cannabis smoking methods over dabbing. Although this method is still fairly new, we are already predicting that it will last a long time. We are a very reputable smoke shop with products you can trust for an exceptional price! Our company fully values the satisfaction of customers, and we have all of the cannabis you could ask for. Even though we want you to enjoy the cannabis experience, we make sure that customers are smoking safely according to all of the cannabis laws. We are constantly aspiring to improve our products and standards so you know that you will always enjoy dabbing while using our products. Stop searching for “smoke shops in Orlando,” and come to us! We are the best smoke shop in Orlando and we always want your satisfaction as a top priority. 


What Does 7/10 Mean And How Should I Celebrate? 


Our company respects the infamous holiday of 4/20, but we want to start something new! The marijuana community needs some more holidays under its belt, and we want to spread the word on how to celebrate 7/10 properly. Firstly, be sure that you are stocked up with supplies such as dab tools, oil, and any other essentials. Secondly, clean the glass before you begin dabbing. Dirty glass can take away from the effects of cannabis because the quality of smoke goes down. Make sure it’s clean! Thirdly, if we were not in a global pandemic, we would suggest inviting your friends to bring their own dabs. This way, you will have a lot of flavors to try out, but maybe wait until COVID-19 is over. Fourthly, it’s important to wipe off the mouthpieces with sanitary wipes in between, so germs do not spread quickly. Don’t search for “smoke shops in Orlando” and celebrate your 7/10 holiday properly with our products. Let’s spread the word of this new holiday so more and more people can celebrate it!


Benefits Of Our Dab Products


Even though smoking cannabis products are still rather taboo in some areas, you can rest assured knowing that our products are authentic. There are many benefits that come with dabbing vs. smoking cannabis conventionally. 

  • Cuts back of nicotine addiction 
  • Healthier alternative than cigarettes 
  • No mess so hassle of grinding and packing
  • You will always feel the effects of the cannabis
  • No burnt tastes 
  • Authentic dab pens to assure that none are fake 
  • Fewer hits for a better high 
  • Professionals create the devices 
  • Against underage dabbing 


Order Today 


More and more people are turning to dabbing instead of regular smoking either because of the convenience or because it’s the new hype. Our company promotes safe and responsible usage of dabbing, and we want our customers to spread awareness about how to use our devices safely. We provide products for those who are looking for a safer way to smoke while enjoying the remarkable high that comes with dabbing. Stop searching for “smoke shops in Orlando” and get our products!


Contact Us 


Cloud 407 Smoke Shop consists of professionals who help many people overcome their smoking addictions, as well as provide enjoyable experiences for the holiday 7/10. Don’t ask “what does 7/10 mean” anymore and Call or visit us today in Orlando for more information on our products and 7/10.

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