If you are new to using CBD, cannabis, or other vaping substances, it can feel like diving into the unknown. There are many new terms, and it can be confusing when you hear all the jargon related to the vaping world. Wax pens vs. dab pens, vapes, and cartridges where should you start? While all these devices allow you to conveniently inhale the substance of your choice, they do have a few key differences. 


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Similarities Between Wax and Dab Pens

The first thing to know about wax and dab pens is that they are virtually the same. They are slim convenient devices that allow you to ingest cannabis or cannabis-like substances. Both devices are straightforward to use and are perfect for those who are on the go. 

Wax and dab pens use a battery to power the heating coil that melts the dab or wax, which is then inhaled by the user. Both of these devices are typically encased in steel because, with frequent usage, the devices can become hot to the touch. These pens also have a built-in temperature sensor to ensure user safety. Often, wax or dab pens require temperatures of 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re looking for wax or DAB pens for sale, you need to check out Cloud 407 Smoke Shop.


Wax Pens vs. Dab Pens: What are The Differences

The main difference between wax pens and dab pens is the substances the user will ingest. Wax pens melt wax concentrate of cannabis or other wax substances while dab pens are only for THC concentrate. The reason people use dabs instead of cannabis wax is that a dab produces a much more potent effect than traditional cannabis. 


What Makes Wax and Dab Pens Different from Vape Pens

The final question you may be asking yourself is what makes a wax or dab pen different from a vape pen. The key again lies in the substance the user wants to inhale. While wax and dab pens are used with wax concentrate, a vape pen will use vape liquid or oil. 


With a vape pen, you pull the vaping liquid or oil into an atomizer where it becomes a gas that you then inhale through your mouthpiece. Vape pens are also battery powered but don’t get as hot as wax or dab pens. Usually, vape pens only reach about 315 to 385 degrees. Something important to note is that loading wax concentrate into wax and dab pens can be quite a bit messier than loading a cartridge into a vape pen.


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