One of the easiest ways to vape, even for beginners, is to use a vape pen. Vape pens are the natural progression of the original e-cigarette and were originally mostly used for nicotine vaping, but nowadays vape pens are typically used with cannabis oil cartridges and CBD vape juice. Since vape pens are so versatile, vape pens can be used with a wide array of atomizers that allow you to vape various substances. Read on to learn more about how vapor pens for oil work and how to use them properly. Cloud 407 Smoke Shop is a top vape product and accessory store in the Orlando area. If you’re looking for a hemp oil vapor pen, call Cloud 407 Smoke Shop today and we can even ship it to you!


What Is A Vape Pen?


Let’s get right into how a vape pen works. A vape pen functions off a power source that heats up a vape tank or cartridge in order to produce vapor. Typically vape pens are pocket-sized and cylindrical and are rechargeable battery-powered devices, and they get their name from their shape and size. Janty first introduced vape pens into the e-cigarette scene around 2010, and they were popularized shortly after by Joyetech. The vape pen revolutionized the vaporizer market through offering larger battery capacity and longer running times, along with providing the user with the ability to swap atomizers or cartridges. Before vape pens were introduced, e-cigarettes were small self-contained units that came in the size and shape of a normal cigarette. There are two main categories of a vape pen:

  • Rechargeable vape pen- A rechargeable vape pen typically refers to a battery-powered device that is used for vaping with a variety of atomizers and cartridges. 
  • Disposable vape pen- A disposable vape pen consists of an all-in-one unit that is made up of an internal battery, a pre-filled tank, and a coil. They cannot be recharged or refilled, and can be disposed of when depleted. Disposable and rechargeable vape pens come into two main varieties, which are push-button and draw-activated.


Looking For A Hemp Oil Vapor Pen?


Using A Vape Pen For CBD

  • Vapor pens for oil are a great way to vape CBD. Take a small puff, and wait a couple minutes to gauge the effects.
  • If your device includes multiple voltage settings, begin at the lowest setting in order to avoid dry/burnt hits.
  • A lot of the newer cartridges utilize ceramic coils, which are able to handle a lot more voltage without burning out. They may require more voltage than older-style cartridges in order to achieve a satisfying puff.


Using A Vape Pen For THC

  • Begin with a small puff, and wait a couple minutes to see what the effects are, especially if you’re a first timer with vaping THC oil. The effects may at first seem subtle, but can quickly creep up on you. 
  • If your device has multiple voltage settings, begin at the lowest setting in  order to avoid dry/burnt hits
  • A lot of the newer cartridges have ceramic-based coil that can handle more voltage without burning out, and some will need more voltage to get a satisfying puff.


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