Vapes are growing in popularity every year, and it’s easy to see why. In states where it’s legal, the use of cannabis vapes for medicinal or recreational use is a great, portable alternative to other methods of smoking or inhaling vapors. For those quitting smoking, vapes with small amounts of nicotine can help end their use of cigarettes with much more success than other options like patches. At Cloud 407 Smoke Shop in Orlando, we offer a variety of disposable vapes as well, and you might be surprised about the benefits they offer over non-disposable ones. We’d also love to share with you the inside scoop on the best vape pen brands on the market.


How Disposable Vapor Pens are Easy to Use

The main benefit to choosing a disposable pen to a non-disposable pen is that it’s much easier to use. You buy the pen knowing the kind of e-liquid it will contain. You don’t have to add it in yourself. There’s no need to clean the device since it will no longer be useful after the contents have been vaped, and you won’t need to worry about other forms of maintenance as well. Things like having to replace the pen’s coils, change the cartridge, or recharge the battery aren’t necessary to keep up with with a disposable vapor pen. Don’t worry about needing to set it up in any kind of way. Once you take it out of the package, you can place it to your lips and inhale, or inhale with the press of a button, depending on the brand.


Which Vapor Pen is the Best Vapor Pen?

When it comes to the best pens, we at Cloud 407 Smoke Shop offer the most popular brands on the market. Want to join the crowd? Here’s what you should look for:

  • Puff Bar
    • Puff Bar comes with a long list of flavors–many popular, fruity flavors. Among these includes their unique O.M.G flavor (Orange Mango Grapefruit) as well as their limited edition flavors of Banana Ice, Melon Ice, Tangerine Ice, and Strawberry Banana.
  • Hippie
    • Hippie is a hipster’s dream in terms of style: sleek and modern. This high end brand now features the world’s smallest vaporizer, the Hippie Nano Plus. It’s compact size makes it easy to carry with you, even if all you have is tiny pockets.
  • Crushed
    • Crushed offers many familiar flavors you can enjoy, but is unique in that the bulk of their flavors are all about cool, minty undertones. If you want your vapor to remind you of fruity Icebreakers, then this is the brand to buy.
  • Buzz
    • Buzz is an inexpensive brand, great for a quick pickup. They have a curated selection of flavors including rare choices like guava, lychee, and cola.
  • RG (Rolled Green)
    • If you’re after that incredibly sweet vapor, then Rolled Green’s selection will tickle your sweet tooth. Go for fruity choices like Mango Tango or Tutti Fruity or if you’re feeling special, go for the Birthday Cake flavor.
  • HQD
    • HQD is unique in that it sells disposables in packs of 3. If you’re looking to stock up on flavors, you can save some money by “buying in bulk” so-to-speak. You can also try their new and unique Orange Soda flavor.


Contact Us for Your Favorite Disposable Pen Flavors

Are you looking for the best vapor pen in your favorite flavor? At Cloud 407 Smoke Shop, we offer all the best brands with a huge selection of flavors to choose from. Contact us today or stop by the shop in Orlando to see all the choices we have.


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